The Hardy Boys Mysteries, 1927-1979: A Cultural and Literary

Mark Connelly

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Clock repairman who quotes Shakespeare, George Bulman, is said to have a perpetual cold -- because the star actor, a former Essex CID, was being treated for (now cured) throat cancer. Carstairs, 1911; The Senator’s Plot, 1911; Shown on the Screen, 1911; The Streaked Peril, 1911; A Submarine Trail, 1911; The Triple Knock, 1911; The Vanishing Emerald, 1911; A War of Brains, 1911; The Way of the Wicked, 1911; A Weak-Kneed Rogue, 1911; When a Man Yields, 1911; When Necessity Drives, 1911; The Whirling Death, 1911; Bandits of the Air, 1912; The Buried Secret, 1912; By an Unseen Hand, 1912; A Call in the Night, 1912; The Case of the Two Doctors, 1912; Clew by Clew, 1912; The Connecting Link, 1912; The Crime of a Century, 1912; The Crimson Flash, 1912; The Dead Man’s Accomplice, 1912; The Deadly Scarab, 1912; A Double Mystery, 1912; The Fatal Hour, 1912; The House of Whisper, 1912; In Queer Quarters, 1912; In the Face of Evidence, 1912; In the Nick of Time, 1912; The Man with a Crutch, 1912; The Man with a Double, 1912; A Master Criminal, 1912; A Mill in Diamonds, 1912; The Missing Deputy Chief, 1912; The Mysterious Cavern, 1912; Nick Carter and the Gold Thieves, 1912; Nick Carter’s Chance Clue, 1912; Nick Carter’s Counterplot, 1912; Nick Carter’s Egyptian Clew, 1912; Nick Carter’s Last Card, 1912; Nick Carter’s Menace, 1912; Nick Carter’s Subtle Foe, 1912; On a Crimson Trail, 1912; Out for Vengeance, 1912; The Path of the Spendthrift, 1912; A Place for Millions, 1912; A Plot for a Warship, 1912; The Red Triangle, 1912; The Rogue’s Reach, 1912; The Seven Schemers, 1912; The Silver Hair Clue, 1912; A Stolen Name, 1912; Tangled in Crime, 1912; The Taxicab Riddle, 1912; Tooth and Nail, 1912; The Trail of the Yoshiga, 1912; A Triple Knavery, 1912; A Vain Sacrifice, 1912; The Vampire’s Trail, 1912; The Vanishing Heiress, 1912; When Jealousy Spurs, 1912; The Woman in Black, 1912; A Woman of Mystery, 1912; Written in Blood, 1912; The Angel of Death, 1913; The Babbington Case, 1913; Brought to the Mark, 1913; Caught in a Whirlwind, 1913; The Clutch of Dread, 1913; Cornered at Last, 1913; The Day of Reckoning, 1913; Diamond Cut Diamond, 1913; Doomed to Failure, 1913; A Double Identity, 1913; Driven to Desperation, 1913; A Duel of Brains, 1913; The Finish of a Rascal, 1913; For the Sake of Revenge, 1913; The Heart of the Underworld, 1913; The House Across the Street, 1913; In Suspicion’s Shadow, 1913; In the Shadow of Fear, 1913; The International Crook League, 1913; Knots in the Noose, 1913; The Kregoff Necklace, 1913; The Man Who Fainted, 1913; A Maze of Motives, 1913; The Midnight Message, 1913; A Millionaire’s Mania, 1913; The Mills of the Law, 1913; A Moving Picture Mystery, 1913; Nick and the Red Button, 1913; Nick Carter’s New Assistant, 1913; Nick Carter’s Treasure Chest Case, 1913; On the Eve of Triumph, 1913; Plea for Justice, 1913; Points to Crime, 1913; The Poisons of Exili, 1913; The Purple Spot, 1913; Repaid in Like Coin, 1913; A Riddle of Identities, 1913; A Rogue of Quality, 1913; The Sign of the Coin, 1913; The Spider’s Parlor, 1913; The Sting of the Adder, 1913; The Sway of Sin, 1913; The Thief in the Night, 1913; A Tower of Strength, 1913; Toying with Fate, 1913; The Turn of a Card, 1913; The Unfinished Letter, 1913; Weighed in the Balance, 1913; When a Rogue’s in Power, 1913; When All Is Staked, 1913; When Clues Are Hidden, 1913; While the Fetters Were Forged, 1913; Whom the Gods Would Destroy, 1913; After the Verdict, 1914; Birds of Prey, 1914; A Blind Man’s Daughter, 1914; Bolts from Blue Skies, 1914; The Bullion Mystery, 1914; Called to Account, 1914; Crime in Paradise, 1914; The Crook’s Blind, 1914; The Deeper Game, 1914; Dodging the Law, 1914; The Door of Doubt, 1914; A Fight for Right, 1914; The Fixed Alibi, 1914; The Gloved Hand, 1914; The Grafters, 1914; A Heritage of Trouble, 1914; In the Toils of Fear, 1914; Instinct at Fault, 1914; The Just and the Unjust, 1914; The Keeper of the Black Hounds, 1914; Knaves in High Places, 1914; The Last Call, 1914; The Man of Riddles, 1914; The Man Who Changed Faces, 1914; The Man Who Paid, 1914; The Microbe of Crime, 1914; A Miscarriage of Justice, 1914; Not on the Records, 1914; On the Ragged Edge, 1914; One Object in Life, 1914; Out with the Tide, 1914; A Perilous Parole, 1914; A Rascal of Quality, 1914; The Red God of Tragedy, 1914; A Rogue Worth Trapping, 1914; A Rope of Slender Threads, 1914; The Sandal Wood Slipper, 1914; The Skyline Message, 1914; The Slave of Crime, 1914; Spoilers and the Spoils, 1914; The Spoils of Chance, 1914; A Struggle with Destiny, 1914; A Tangled Skein, 1914; The Thief Who Was Robbed, 1914; The Trail of the Fingerprints, 1914; Unseen Foes, 1914; The Wages of Rascality, 1914; Wanted: A Clew, 1914; When Destruction Threatens, 1914; With Shackles of Fires, 1914; The Wolf Within, 1914; As a Crook Sows, 1915; The Danger of Folly, 1915; The Gargoni Girdle, 1915; The Girl Prisoner, 1915; Held in Suspense, 1915; In Record Time, 1915; Just One Slip, 1915; The Middle Link, 1915; A New Serpent in Eden, 1915; On a Million-Dollar Trail, 1915; The $100,000 Kiss, 1915; One Ship Wreck Too Many, 1915; Rascals and Co., 1915; Satan’s Apt Pupil, 1915; Scourged by Fear, 1915; The Soul Destroyers, 1915; A Test of Courage, 1915; To the Ends of the Earth, 1915; Too Late to Talk, 1915; A Weird Treasure, 1915; When Brave Men Tremble, 1915; When Honors Pall, 1915; Where Peril Beckons, 1915; The Yellow Brand, 1915; Broken Bars, 1916; The Burden of Proof, 1916; The Case of Many Clues, 1916; A Clue from the Unknown, 1916; The Conspiracy of Rumors, 1916; The Evil Formula, 1916; From Clue to Clue, 1916; The Great Opium Case, 1916; In the Grip of Fate, 1916; The Magic Necklace, 1916; The Man of Many Faces, 1916; The Man Without a Will, 1916; A Mixed-Up Mess, 1916; Over the Edge of the World, 1916; The Red Plague, 1916; Round the World for a Quarter, 1916; Scoundrel Rampant, 1916; The Sealed Door, 1916; The Stolen Brain, 1916; The Trail of the Human Tiger, 1916; Twelve in a Grave, 1916; When Rogues Conspire, 1916; The Adder’s Brood, 1917; For a Pawned Crown, 1917; Found in the Jungle, 1917; The Hate That Kills, 1917; The Man They Held Back, 1917; The Needy Nine, 1917; Outlaws of the Blue, 1917; Paying the Price, 1917; The Sultan’s Pearls, 1917; Won by Magic, 1917; The Amphi-Theatre Plot, 1918; Blood Will Tell, 1918; Clew Against Clew, 1918; The Crook’s Double, 1918; The Crossed Needles, 1918; Death in Life, 1918; A Network of Crime, 1918; Snarled Identities, 1918; The Yellow Label, 1918; A Battle for the Right, 1918; A Broken Bond, 1918; Hidden Foes, 1918; Partners in Peril, 1918; The Sea Fox, 1918; A Threefold Disappearance, 1918; The Secret of the Marble Mantle, 1920; A Spinner of Death, 1920; Wildfire, 1920; Doctor Quartz Returns, 1926; Nick Carter Corners Doctor Quartz, 1926; Nick Carter and the Black Cat, 1927; Nick Carter and the Shadow Woman, 1927; Nick Carter Dies, 1927; Nick Carter’s Danger Trail, 1927; Death Has Green Eyes, n.d.; Crooks’ Empire, n.d. (also as Empire of Crime); Bid for a Railroad, n.d. (also as Murder Unlimited); Death on Park Avenue, n.d. (also as Park Avenue Murder!); Murder on Skull Island, n.d. (also as Rendezvous with a Dead Man); Power, n.d. (also as The Yellow Disc Murder).

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Publisher: McFarland (September 5, 2008)

ISBN: 0786433868

Scandinavian Crime Fiction (21st Century Genre Fiction)

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Finally, in 1912 the title changed to Nick Carter Stories. Old installments began appearing under new titles, a fact that has created headaches for those wishing to compile bibliographies of Nick Carter material. In 1897, Street and Smith had begun the Magnet Library—a kind of grandfather to the modern paperback—and used Carter stories along with those featuring other detectives, including reprints of Sherlock Holmes tales ref.: AZ Murder Goes: Classic Much of the appeal of Christie’s work lies in this very superficiality. Although Christie presents an account of Mrs. unexpectedly appears at Styles on the night of the murder and is found very early the next morning walking. when she learns that her mother-in-law has been poisoned. not an emotional journey of revenge or purgation.” a clear indication that Lettitia Blacklock is someone else Mystery and Suspense: read epub Later Fansler novels continued in the same vein of challenging what is “accepted. joined by a Saint Bernard puppy named Bancroft. although the intellectual dialogue continues to amuse fans. to meet the paragon of womanhood face to face—and then epub. Okay, I am a willing part of the current Sherlockization {I hereby patent this word, friends} of the planet, I’ll admit it. And twenty years ago in a production of her longest running play [in English?} of all time, The Mousetrap, I actually played Christopher Wren, so there’s that , e.g. The Silent Game: The Real read online Her nephew, Charles, who lives with her, buys her a radio for amusement, but strange messages come from it. Could her dead husband really be sending her messages? And why is he warning that her life is in da... Raoul Daubreuil insists his fiancée give up her activities as a talented and successful medium when they marry The Suspicions of Mr Whicher

At Japp's suggestion Poirot and Hastings joined him for the weekend in the small countryside town of Market Basing. Enjoying Sunday breakfast, the three are interrupted when the local constable requested Japp's help , cited: Lovecraft and Influence: His read epub Levy, Paul. “Down on the Farm with Frederick Forsyth.” Wall Street Journal, April 18, 1989, p. 1 “Portrait.” The New York Times Book Review 85 (March 2, 1980): 32. Sauter, E. “Spy Master.” Saturday Review 11 ( July/August, 1985): 38-41 , source: The Defendant read here The Op is nearing forty.. about five and a half feet tall. modeled loosely on the Pinkerton organization. “And sometimes just stirring things up is all right—if you’re tough enough to survive. don’t enjoy anything else.” I said. a mysterious list of names. is replaced by the anonymous and colorless Op. the Op works closely with the police and often follows their standard procedures. hard-boiled pig-headed guy you’ve got the vaguest way of doing things I ever heard of , e.g. Who Killed Roger Ackroyd?: The read pdf read pdf.

The Mystery Fancier (Vol. 9 No. 1) January/February 1987

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Melrose wastes no time and immediately seeks out and rents a house in the village. This novel offers startling insights into Macalvie’s character. allowing glimpses here and there into the complexities of relationships. Plant resigns himself to an altered holiday and amuses himself by ordering her a pot of poison at the Woodbine Tearoom in Bletchley village , source: The Mystery Fancier, Vol. 4, download epub Bibliography Greeley, Andrew M. “Ellis Peters: Another Umberto Eco?” The Armchair Detective 18 (Summer, 1985): 238-245 Murder on the Reservation: American Indian Crime Fiction (Ray and Pat Browne Books) read for free. The Sunday Hangman. “Apartheid in the Novels of James McClure. 1995): 4871. however. 1977): 348-351. Lockwood. “having solved a problem without supplying any real answers. He couples his fiercely moral views with strong convictions about the nature of modern society. where he was graduated with a B. where he attended the Utica Free Academy. and a series of unsatisfactory jobs. which he deplores for its rapacious violation of the environment and its greedy exploitation of human beings. 1964-1985 , cited: The Elements of Mystery Fiction These are available for free reading online inn their viewer. These are original works by generally unpublished authors. Foboko has 8 free novels in its Mystery & Thrillers category. These are available for free reading online without registration. Free registration allows free download in several formats. this link is to their listing of limited time free Mystery ebooks at Amazon (USA) , source: Mystery Reader's Walking Guide: New York (Mystery Reader's Walking Guides) In 1897, the Nick Carter Library became the Nick Carter Weekly and then the New Nick Carter Weekly, and then again the New Nick Carter Library. Finally, in 1912 the title changed to Nick Carter Stories. Old installments began appearing under new titles, a fact that has created headaches for those wishing to compile bibliographies of Nick Carter material Murder Takes a Vacation: And Other Short Stories In general. it is a joke to Goodwin that a woman has finally got close enough to Wolfe to make him smell of perfume. Nero Wolfe is a direct descendant of Dupin. conscientious cook in charge of pleasing his palate every day). office hours from eleven to quarter past one. and Saul Panzer. and only emergencies interrupt the other parts of the fixed schedule , cited: New Hard-Boiled Writers: 1970s-1990s

How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries: The Art and Adventure of Sleuthing Through the Past

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From 1945 to 1959, he was with the Kemsley Press, principally as foreign manager of The Sunday Times. By the time of his resignation, he was already famous as the creator of James Bond. From the appearance of his first book, Casino Royale, in 1954, Fleming managed to turn out one volume per year, writing at the rate of two thousand words a day Perfectly Plum: Unauthorized read epub Introduction to The Thirty-nine Steps. 1931. and Espionage. New York: St. by Francis Bacon. 1990. 1932. Deborah Core .74 100 Masters of Mystery and Detective Fiction children’s literature: Sir Walter Raleigh. 1928. 1998 ref.: Black Noir: Mystery, Crime, read epub Critical Observations. 1949. 1959 (also as The One Hundred Best Crime Stories). A Reasonable Doubt: Some Criminal Cases Re-examined. 1974. 1967. 1980. revised 1985. 1960. 1970. The Tell-Tale Heart: The Life and Works of Edgar Allan Poe. England’s Pride: The Story of the Gordon Relief Expedition Havoc in the Hub: A Reading of download here Johnson’s attack explains Fleming’s popularity. dashing. and they would see nothing reprehensible in reading about cruelty. He criticized it specifically for pandering to the worst forms of English maladies: “the sadism of a schoolboy bully. not-so-inconspicuous secret agent—the quintessential cop of the Western powers download. Since she needed money to live on, she became a copywriter in an advertising agency. The first Lord Peter Wimsey novel appeared in 1923. She ceased writing detective novels in 1947 because she said that she had written these stories only to make money, and she would now do what she enjoyed 100 Most Popular Contemporary Mystery Authors: Biographical Sketches and Bibliographies (Popular Authors (Hardcover)) The “Bag of Books” or the “Books on Table” could then be the final assessment for this standard. Detective/mystery films are usually considered a sub-type of crime/gangster films, of film noir, or suspense or thriller films that focus on the unsolved crime (usually the murder or disappearance of one or more of the characters, or a theft), and on the central character - the hard-boiled detective-hero, as he/she meets various adventures and challenges in the cold and methodical pursuit of the criminal or the solution to the crime online. Suffering from ill health during the last ten years of his life , cited: The Scientific Sherlock Holmes: Cracking the Case with Science and Forensics A good rule of thumb is to always end a scene earlier than you might think or want epub. The next year his family moved to Kansas. He is also something of a mystery himself. and a staunch opponent of J. questioning the motives of the culprit and putting himself in the criminal’s place so that he can reenact the conditions of the crime. His father was involved in politics. all of which his son had read by the age of eleven. John Wallace Stout seems to have been a fair-minded parent as well as a great disciplinarian and fearful authority figure. and a free-lance writer before publishing his first Nero Wolfe novel in 1934. 1975.” the model for much of modern detective fiction ref.: Who Wrote Bacon?: William download for free Dickson, Carr (John Dickson Carr). New York: William Morrow, 1933. Black cloth, dust jacket. Detective: John Gaunt. "Carter Dickson's" first book under this pseudonym. Dickson, Carr (John Dickson Carr). This precedes the English edition by a month. One of the earliest of the Harper "Sealed Mystery" stories ref.: The Woman of Mystery download online

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